About Us

Chris Keusink's approach is a boutique law firm that caters to clients through individualized attention and client communication. He makes a serious effort above and beyond that provided by most attorneys.

Most lawyers are lousy at communicating with their clients. Many clients are turned off because their lawyers don’t communicate with them. This is the most common complaint he receives when a client wants to change from their prior lawyer. Chris tries to get back to clients the same day, or at least within 24 hours.

Chris Keusink is selective about the clients he accepts. He accepts clients with worthy and difficult cases and generally accepts most divorce clients, particularly if children are involved. Unlike some practitioners, Chris Keusink and his team are always prepared to go to trial if a reasonable accommodation in the case cannot be made. If a case is less than desirable, Chris will be straightforward with you.

Chris Keusink does not charge a high hourly rate compared to most lawyers; instead, he prefers to devote more time to your case than some lawyers would, he treats each client as an individual with a problem that he can solve. Chris Keusink and his team do not pass judgment on clients because they realize that everyone has a problem they need help with at some time or another.

Chris Keusink and his team work harder to achieve results, communicate more frequently and in more detail with clients than most lawyers. Chris Keusink and his team bring clients into the team to work on their lawsuit, unless preferred otherwise. Chris Keusink has the experience to avoid most hidden pitfalls that can be terrible surprises.