Why Keusink?

Client Communication
Chris Keusink does his best to return phone calls and emails quickly on the same day, or at least within 24 hours when not in court. This is not typical of this profession.

Team Player
Clients are kept informed of the status of their case continually and we work together as a team on the case unless the client prefers Chris Keusink to handle the case exclusively. Discussion of the case is ongoing to instill understanding of the application of the law to your specific case as it develops. This way you know what is being done and why it is being done.

Consulting an attorney is not fundamentally economical. However, Chris's rates are among the most reasonable in Curry County. When there is work that you can do (for example, document organization), Chris is happy to let clients do the work to make the case cost more economical.

Chris Keusink has practiced law for nearly 30 years and handled most kinds of cases - many legal situations have arisen over and over again giving him solid legal experience. Many times Chris can avoid problems that might not be avoided by a less experienced attorney.

Invoices are generated monthly, are extremely detailed, shows you the work that has been done and where your funds have been applied.

If your case is one Chris doesn’t handle, or if he is not comfortable with the merits of your case, he will be upfront and tell you. This gives you the opportunity to find alternative counsel early on in your matter.

Raised in Curry County
Chris Keusink was raised in Curry County and knows the people here. Chris knows how to try a case here in Curry County. Chris Keusink's local connections and experience are useful in preparing for litigation, land transactions, estate planning, probates and generally these connections help get things done.

When Chris Keusink was a new lawyer, he told himself that he would treat the person on the other side of the desk as if they were he. That hasn’t changed since his practice began in 1984.