Accident & Personal Injury

Car accidents and insurance are a way of life. People generally know to exchange insurance information when they have a car accident. After that, it becomes confusing.

Oregon requires minimum coverage for car accidents. Insurance companies customarily resist paying more than they have to when you have an accident. We can help you maximize the compensation to which you are entitled.

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Divorce and Domestic Relations

Divorce and Domestic Relations cover a broad spectrum of legal questions. One of the most frightening things about divorce and domestic relations cases to clients is the unknown. Having practiced divorce and domestic relations for 29 years, we can help put your mind at ease and provide vigorous advocacy to suit your needs.

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Real Estate Transactions & Disputes

Chris Keusink was raised in Brookings, Oregon. He knows the kinds of problems that arise in Curry County real estate transactions. Maybe there is a dispute over where a boundary lies? Maybe new neighbors have a dispute about the use of an easement, location of an easement, or an increase in traffic or usage.

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Estate Planning & Administration

It is important to have an estate plan in place, no matter what your situation. A Will or Trust can remove the need for your successors to have to buy an insurance policy (called a bond) in processing your estate. A Will or Trust also creates a plan that you want to see in place, rather than the default provisions dictated by Oregon Law.

We can help you plan your estate to lesson the impact of taxes upon your death.

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Living Trust Or Will?

It seems that the popular trend in Estate Planning is favoring Living Trusts. People think that such Trusts provide tax planning (they do) and avoid probate (they do if properly administered). However, Trusts are not a be-all end-all in Estate Planning.

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Business Law

Business Law includes contract drafting, contract review, and creation of an entity that is right for you in the conduct of your own business. In Brookings, Gold Beach, and Port Orford, Oregon quite a few folks have started their own small business enterprise. Others have an idea that they want to do so, but they do not know how to go about it. We can help.

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