Estate Planning & Administration

It is important to have an estate plan in place, no matter what your situation. A Will or Trust can remove the need for your successors to have to buy an insurance policy (called a bond) in processing your estate. A Will or Trust also creates a plan that you want to see in place, rather than the default provisions dictated by Oregon Law.

We can help you plan your estate to lesson the impact of taxes upon your death.

It is also important to have a power of attorney in place, so that someone can look after your affairs if you are not able to do so. Failure to have a power of attorney can lead to expensive court guardians or conservatorship proceedings.

We try to save you money in creating your estate plan. Generally, we recommend a Will over a Trust. Trusts have their uses, but they are very expensive. And, unlike the generally held belief, Curry County probates tend to be relatively inexpensive. Having a Will is likely to cost less overall and often is more effective.

One of the most emotionally draining times of life is when you lose a loved one, but you must deal with their estate. Estate Administration can seem to be overwhelming, but for years we have helped people get through the process without trauma. We can do most of the work for you, though we invite clients to do as much as possible to keep costs down. We use a team approach in both the Administration of Trusts and Probate Estate Administration.

Sometimes, a person is concerned for the future of an “other abled” child. We can create a special Trust that will not disqualify that child from government disability benefits. Your funds can be used to enhance the quality of life of your child, rather than be consumed on basic necessities. Talk to us about this.

Curry County and particularly Brookings, has a population of older folks. It is important for everyone to have an estate plan in place and to plan ahead for the issues that might arise in the future. We have had 29 years of experience in addressing that kind of problem and we can probably help you.