Business Law

Business Law includes contract drafting, contract review, and creation of an entity that is right for you in the conduct of your own business. In Brookings, Gold Beach, and Port Orford, Oregon quite a few folks have started their own small business enterprise. Others have an idea that they want to do so, but they do not know how to go about it. We can help.

Our philosophy is that whenever you have a contract that could hurt you if it were breached, an attorney should first review it. This should usually cost only three or four hundred dollars, which is a small investment considering the damage that can occur when things go wrong. We can help with anything from the sale of a business to the sale of a piece of equipment.

Sometimes the form of business entity you choose can be very important. Most businesses we form these days are either Limited Liability Companies, or closely held corporations called “S” Corporations. We can help you choose the right business entity that fits your needs and business character.

Creation of the business is not the only problem. We cannot run your business for you, but we can put you in touch with professionals who can assist you if you need it.

Sometimes, parties who started out as friends start their own business. Then, things can go a little bit wrong. We can help resolve business disputes, or take them to court if they are beyond amicable resolution. We have substantial experience in this area, and can foresee the pitfalls that commonly occur.