Divorce and Domestic Relations

Divorce and Domestic Relations cover a broad spectrum of legal questions. One of the most frightening things about divorce and domestic relations cases to clients is the unknown. Having practiced divorce and domestic relations for 29 years, we can help put your mind at ease and provide vigorous advocacy to suit your needs.

We have noticed that the economy has aggravated family difficulties in Brookings, Gold Beach, Pistol River and Port Orford. When divorce happens, the most stressful area is the question of custody of the children. We treat the area of child custody with utmost compassion. We want to do what is best for the children. We can help you minimize the impact of a divorce on your children and try to reach an agreement with your spouse so that the children are happy in both households. When an agreement is not possible, we provide in-depth investigation and skilled representation in court. We understand the pain and difficulty you are going through. We will help you with that.

Spousal support, or alimony, is fairly common for the Brookings area. The first requirement is that the spouses have different levels of income. We can help the disadvantaged spouse obtain reasonable spousal support. We can also help the advantaged spouse minimize spousal support in many cases. It is incumbent on the disadvantaged spouse to become self sufficient as soon as possible. For years, we have been devising proposals for that goal to be reached.

The division of property in domestic relations can be fairly complicated. How do you split a single large asset? Because pensions are considered property, how are they divided in a divorce court? What happens to items of sentimental value to both parties? The answers vary from case to case, but we can help give you ideas and present a logical case plan to the judge.

We have been handling divorce and domestic relations cases having a wide variety of complicated issues, for many years. We can help you untangle what might seem to be an impossibly complex situation, and break it down into a number of fairly straightforward issues.