What are your hourly fees?

As of October 1, 2015, our hourly fee is $250.00 per hour. We realize that this is moderate compared to other lawyers, but we wish to keep representation affordable. We feel that any fee charged by any lawyer in Curry County over $300.00 per hour is too high.


Some people say my parent is not competent. Can they still make a Will?

The level of competency required to make a Will is very low. It requires that a person recognize what assets they have, and the people who should receive their assets. In cases of questionable competency, there are things we can do to insure against a subsequent Will challenge. In 29 years of practice, nobody has even tried to challenge the validity of one of our Wills. The precautions we take to insure the validity of the Will discourage people from doing so.

My parent is elderly. Can I come in to your office with them to discuss their estate plan?

Generally that is not a good idea. We like you to bring your parent into our office, but the attorney-parent discussions should be private. This insulates the estate plan from accusations that a child exercised undue influence on that parent.

If I am in a car accident and the insurance company for the other driver asks me to give a statement, should I give it?

Generally, no. Many times, the questions are phrased so that the answers can be misconstrued or are misleading. Sometimes we give the opposing insurance company a statement, after investigation and in the presence of legal counsel. We only do so in cases we regard as very strong, and that should settle immediately. The answer is different when the inquiry is made by your own insurance company. Most insurance policies require that the insured cooperate fully with the insurance company. Failure to provide a statement can be deemed non-cooperation, and void the policy.

What happens in a divorce if one or the other spouse has had problems they are not comfortable disclosing?

Many times, people are hesitant to file for divorce because they have had behavior problems that they are not proud of. They are afraid that their conduct will come out in court and be used against them. Oregon is a “no fault” state. Generally, that means that behavior that a person might not want to disclose is not usually admissible. The only time bad behavior is examined is if that particular behavior has had an effect on the children. Even then, such behavior can be made to have less import, and the behavior of the other party can also be compared. You should never withhold information about such behavior from your attorney; many times, damage control can be done if the attorney is aware of it. And, it is likely to be irrelevant and inadmissible.

If I have children, what do I do when the home life is intolerable?

We believe that if people are seriously interested in their children, they will not leave their children under any circumstances. We recommend against leaving the household and leaving the children with the other spouse. This shows a lack of interest in the children, and creates the impression that the other spouse is a more fit parent. There are other ways to approach this problem, though you may have to wait 30 days for a hearing before putting them into effect. The situation will vary because every situation is unique. You should consult an attorney before making any major decisions.

If I am divorcing, what should be done with joint bank accounts?

It is a good idea to plan a divorce before it is ever filed. If there are joint assets such as bank accounts, we generally recommend that you remove half of the assets before filing. This allows you to continue to pay living expenses, and to partially or fully fund your litigation. In rare cases, where the other spouse has good income and separate bank accounts, it may be desirable to remove all joint funds from bank accounts before filing. It depends on the situation. We can help you decide what is best for you.

Do you have free consults?

Yes we do. For personal injury cases, such as car accidents or injuries on someone else’s premises, we do not charge an initial fee. We rarely take these cases on an hourly basis. Usually, if it is a good case, we will take it on the contingency, or percentage basis. In those cases, you pay the out of pocket costs, such as filing fees, but you pay no attorney fees unless we win an award for you.

What is the cost for a first introduction appointment?

If the answer is quick and does not require research, we often forgive that fee. If the original consult leads to complicated discussions, research, and ultimate retention, we will charge it at our hourly rate.

Can you provide me with an estimate of a cost?

Legal matters are very difficult to estimate. That is because each one is unique, and the direction things can go is uncertain. We can give you a general cost range for your particular matter, but it may not hold true in the end. Sometimes things settle early, and it is less than the price range. Sometimes things become more complicated than anticipated, and it is more than the price range. We do not have a book to tell us that a certain type of procedure has a certain cost. Law is too unpredictable.

What is your hourly fee?

As of October 1, 2015, our hourly fee is $ 250.00 per hour. We realize that this is moderate compared to other lawyers, but we wish to keep representation affordable. We feel that any fee charged by any lawyer in Curry County over $ 300.00 per hour is too high.