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Curry County Land Transactions and Disputes

It is penny wise and pound foolish to not spend a few hundred dollars on a lawyer before you sign a contract to buy real estate. Before you spend thousands of dollars on a piece of real estate, talking with a lawyer can really save you money in the long run.

With the increase in population of CurryCounty, land and property transaction disputes are becoming more common.  The problem may be the establishment or use of an easement.  In the old days, some surveyors were less careful or competent than current day surveyors.  Property descriptions from the ‘60s or ‘70s are now coming under close scrutiny, and are becoming disputed more and more frequently.

A local knowledge of the area, what areas have water problems, what areas are subject to slides, realtor and title company problems, can be very useful.  It pays to spend a little money on an independent attorney before you sign on the dotted line.  Attorneys, unlike realtors, do not receive a commission on sale.  An attorney opinion is an independent opinion.

If your home is in a subdivision, then the covenants, conditions, and restrictions of the subdivision may become in dispute.  Many times, property owners will want to use their property in a way that does not really fit in with the use of the subdivision by other members.  It may involve a commercial activity.  There may be disputes over use of water and water rights.  Recently, this firm has litigated or resolved several of these kinds of disputes.  It seems to be an ongoing topic of real property litigation.

This firm has had substantial experience in land transactions, land litigation, easement disputes, and the like.  If you have a problem with a neighbor, chances are we can help you.

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