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Divorce as a New Beginning

I've done well over 300 domestic relations actions. That might be some sort of record for Curry County.

A flurry of new divorce cases right now brings to mind some words of wisdom:

A divorce is a new beginning. You have to look at it that way, or your life will be a tragedy. Divorce as a new beginning gives you something which looks forward, not backwards.

A divorce can teach you what and where things went wrong. Think about that when you are developing new relationships. Think about what you want your new partnership to look like. You may make mistakes, but at least they won't be the same ones.

Hold off on new relationships until your divorce is finished. A new relationship during the divorce process only throws gasoline on the fire. You want to solve your case if you can, not polarize it.

Think of the kids first.

A divorce is not so much someone's "fault", as a partnership that was not viable. You haven't failed, and you are not a failure. Look forward.

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