Lucky I Found You

Congratulations on winning the case for [my daughter], your hard work and long hours “including holidays” was appreciated more than you will ever know. I was happy I was able to come up there and have a chance to meet you. You are a fine attorney and I was lucky I found you. You out-shined [opposing counsel] all the way.

R.F.'s Dad

We Need More Attorneys Like You

I want you to know how much I appreciated your candidness yesterday. I have a strong feeling that my particular situation with [undisclosed] and [undisclosed] is not the only situation like this in Oregon. [undisclosed] owns 110 facilities in Oregon alone and 10 others in 19 other states. Thanks again for your advice. Your service was as it has been twice before - excellent. As I mentioned to your secretary when I left, “we need more attorneys like you”.


Beyond The Call Of Duty

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you on behalf of my brother and myself for all your work on the estate of our mother. Your professionalism and consideration made what could have been a difficult process smoother than we could have expected. You went beyond the call of duty in looking after our mother’s house and possessions owing to the fact that we live out of state. I don’t know what we would have done without your help, both in the immediate aftermath of our mother’s death and the months of closing her estate.


I Highly Recommend Him

I have known Chris for nearly all the time I have lived in Brookings. Almost 25 years. He has been available to me and my family whenever we have had need of legal counsel. From real estate transactions, litigation, corporate document management, he is always ready to listen carefully to the issue and offer sound legal advice. He is very responsive and always comes up with the correct advice at the right time. I highly recommend him for any situation that requires the services of an attorney.


Thoughtful & Efficient Service

I would like to express my appreciation for your time and attention to my small but troublesome case. It was a great relief to me to have the matter resolved so quickly. Please accept my very grateful thanks for your thoughtfulness and efficient service.